13-14 NOVEMBER 2019



Sarah Clatterbuck

Director of Engineers, You Tube

Sarah Clatterbuck - Director of Engineering at YouTube Alternative Monetization & Executive sponsor for GWE (Google Women in Engineering) in Zürich.

Sarah was born in Castro Valley, California. At the University of San Francisco, Sarah studied applied design. While she was still in college, a professor offered her an internship at a start-up in Sausalito; the start-up was creating software, so that designers could create websites without knowing how to code (a WYSIWYG—“What You See Is What You Get”—tool).

Because she was within a semester of graduating, Sarah finished her applied design degree. On graduating, she began working in software engineering—first, adjacent to design (that is, in advertising), then, in 1999, she moved to Silicon Valley to work at a start-up. Shortly thereafter, she went back to school, securing a Master’s degree in Information Science at San Jose State University. Sarah is careful to note that coding, like applied design, offers ample opportunity for creativity. “The creative part is: which algorithm do you apply to get the best results?” Sarah explains. But coding, unlike applied design, seems unambiguous. For this reason, Sarah often finds coding meditative. “The computer does what you tell it to do,” says Sarah. “If it’s misbehaving, it’s your own fault. I find that if I have a particularly trying day, with a lot of drama, sometimes coding is very therapeutic.”

Once she said :As an engineer, this means building experiences that help these users. As a leader, it means holding my team to a higher standard of usability, as well as mentoring designers, engineers and product leaders to better serve universal needs.

Special guests & Speakers

Mariya Gabriel

European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, European Commission

Mariya Ivanova Gabriel is committed to increasing women’s participation in the digital sector and to create awareness of gender imbalance in panels.

She studied in Bulgarian and French languages at the Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski". She continued her studies at the Institut d'études politiques de Bordeaux (Institute of Political Studies) in Bordeaux (France), where she studied International Relations, History of the European Institutions, Political Sociology and Comparative Politics. In 2003 she obtained her Master’s degree in ‘Comparative Politics and International Relations’ from the Institut d'études politiques de Bordeaux.

Jadwiga Emilewicz

Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology

Wanda Buk

Deputy Minister of Digitalisation