13-14 NOVEMBER 2019



Stacey Stevenson

Motivational speaker

IT executive experienced with leading world-class organizations by providing expert business transformation strategies and cutting-edge technology solutions. Skilled at rousing organizations to fundamentally change its culture in order to achieve its objectives.

Experienced manager - Director of Operations and Planning at Sabre, Managing Director at Charles Schwab.

Stacey Stevenson often says she was born into a life of chaos. She was the product of teenage parents and witnessed fighting and abuse at an early age. Stacey’s life circumstances resulted in her dropping out of high school at the age of 17, which led to dead ends jobs, evictions, and near homelessness. At the age of 21, she was desperate to change her life. With only $70.00, she took a risk and moved to Dallas from her small town (about 400 miles away at the southern tip of Texas).

Stacey learned to bring order out of the chaos and overcame poverty, anxiety, and self-harm. Today, she is a successful speaker, senior corporate leader, co-founder of a women’s empowerment conference and LOYT – Life on your terms, a lifestyle brand. She’s the author of Black Girls Cut Too, a story documenting her time as a self-harmer. She shares her story through speaking and writing to help inspire others.

When Stacey is not working, you can find her serving on the Black Tie Dinner and Special Abilities Board of Directors, or helping underprivileged youth stay motivated by encouraging them to tap into their resilience.

Stacey has earned multiple technology and leadership certifications and holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Management. She has been married for 12 years and is the mother of twin 4-year old boys.

Keynote Speakers

Isaura Gaeta

Vice President, Security Research, Intel

Cristina Alvarez Alvarez

Global Chief Technology Officer, Banco Santander

Margot Gerritsen

Professor, Co-director and co-founder of Women in Data Science, Stanford University

Laura Barrowman

Chief Technology Officer, Credit Suisse, Credit Suisse

Dominika Bettman

CEO, Siemens Poland

Eleanor Drew

Global Head, Information Services Group Institutional Clients Group, Citi

Dr Yun Freund

Vice President, Global Product Engineering, Equinix

Amy Howard

Head of Digital and Social Media, Nestlé Global Business Services, Nestle

Tony Jenkins

Head of Global Electronics Competencies Centre, Electrolux

Jenny Lindqvist

Vice President, Head of Northern and Central Europe, Ericsson

Dermot McDonogh

Chief Operating Officer for EMEA, Goldman Sachs

José M. F. Moura

President and CEO, IEEE

Natalia Oropeza

Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Siemens AG, (tbc.)

Josee Paulin

Vice President Product Development, Arjo

Phil Wolfenden

Vice President, EMEAR Cisco Customer Experience, Cisco

Jelena Pješivac-Grbović

Software Engineering Manager, Google Cloud Platform, Google

Shirin Saadat

Global Technical Director and 3M Women’s Leadership Forum Chair, 3M

Giuseppina Smith

Senior Regional IT Manager, Amazon

Belkis Vasquez-McCall

Partner, New Jersey, McKinsey & Company

Wincie Wong

Head of Innovation for Supply Chain Services, Royal Bank of Scotland

Zahra Bahrololoumi

Senior Managing Director - Technology, United Kingdom and Ireland, Accenture


Zaynah Bhanji

Founder, Vital XR

Alexandria Butler

Project Manager, Coach, Facebook


Heads of top tech companies, influencers, experts and researchers

Victor Canseco

General Manager, Poland, Intel

Ela Czajka

Software Engineering Manager, Google

Nigist Tilahun Gebremedhin

Director, Hawassa University STEM Centre

Trinidad Hermida

Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager, Niantic

Klaudia Krawiecka

President of Oxford Women in Computer Science Society

Marta Kwiatkowska

Professor of Computer Science, Trinity College, Univesiry of Oxford

Janice Levenhagen

CEO & Founder, ChickTech

Martin Mellor

Head of Ericsson, Poland, Ericsson

Justyna Orłowska

GovTech Polska Program Director, GovTech Polska

Aleksandra Przegalińska

AI Researcher at MIT

Stacey Stevenson

Motivational speaker

LaTonya Wilkins

Founder & CEO, The Change Coaches