Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022
Aytan Ruskowska

Aytan Ruskowska

Resource manager


Aytan Ruskowska | LinkedIn

I'm a Resource Manager at Infor.
Previously I worked as a Project Coordinator at the Music Academy for 5 years. As well as played in the Chamber Orchestra.
Recently I have changed my profile from musician to a Graphic & UI/UX Designer. That was a challenge for me and I loved it! I do continue my path as a Designer however at the moment my focus is my new role as RM.

I would like to share my experience , I guess that would be interesting to the ones who want to make a radical transformation in their life in their career. 
In addition, I want to mention that  I do speak  Turkish, Russian, English, Polish. And my mother tongue is Azerbaijani. 
Feel free to speak to me in those languages.