Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022
Rafał Barański

Rafał Barański

Driver Architect


I started my adventure with broadly understood IT in secondary technical school (exploring the secrets of electronics). Although, I was able before to disassemble e.g. radio receiver, and not make them worked back ;)
Studies at the Warsaw University of Technology (electronics department) deepened my knowledge in this field of technology, and MIT and UCONN - indicated new, valuable directions of development.
During my over 20 years of professional work, I have been responsible for analysis, requirements engineering, designing and realization of electronic and IT products as a H/W Engineer, S/W Developer, Project Leader and Team Leader. 
Last 3 years, at Intel, I have been working on the newest technologies (in the fields of cryptography and compression) as a driver solution architect and "connecting the dots" in cross-project areas. ... But always close to the hardware equipment, using modern work methodologies. It is a continuous development that is necessary in IT.

My philosophy of approaching tasks, and thus - cooperation in projects, is strongly focused on building strong and lasting relationships, working in a friendly atmosphere - with a large dose of humor necessary in our life.

Privately - I am the father of 2 wonderful daughters, in my free time I "grab" the guitar and play various types of music. I relax by swimming and catching the wind during windsurfing.